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Exclusive and prominent advertising opportunities featured on the front Log-In page of
Ad Space Dimensions Description
AD1 Slideshow Banner 1920x580px Rotating Banner. Premium position on the top-fold of


Featured Hotel Listing


Top featured hotel spot on - Subject page

Once logged into, a User is automatically taken to our subject page as their default starting point. This page features our best of product promotions. From here Users will see your advertisement first before they even begin searching our product inventory.
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AD3 Slideshow Banner 1920x600px Rotating Banner. Premium position that links directly to hotel page. - Subject Landing page

Users are taken to this subject landing page from our subject/promotion page. They will also be directed from our over 5000 email subscription and from our Chinese market WeChat registered users. Besides static featuring on subject landing page, we can create a fully customizable video to give our clients a most comprehensive product information.
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AD4 Featured Hotel Listing 360x295px Static feature that links directly to the hotel booking page.


Customized video

640x360px(Two minutes maximum)

Fully customizable promotion. The video will appear as a second layer on top of the landing page.

Newsletter and WeChat distribution

Every week our Marketing Team strategically sends out 2 to 3 communications of the Best of our product deals via email/WeChat to all 5,000+ of our clients.
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AD6 Featured Hotel Listing 310x180px(email)
Static feature that links directly to our hotel booking page. - Subject Landing page

Newsletter This is a fully customizable newsletter, provides valuable brand information to our unique travel professional clients. It is a great way for you to have specific marketing to your target audience.

e-Magazine Our e-Magazine is spread through our email and WeChat distribution channels.
Ad Space Dimensions Description
Full page newsletter AD 630px wide Fully customizable promotion
e-Magazine Full page One page Photo, Hotel Description, Star Rating
e-Magazine 1/3 page 1/3 of page Photos, Hotel Description, Star Rating, Selling Points

Print - Promotion Flyer

The flyer is handed out and seen everywhere most specifically at all our 30+ trade/road shows and shared amongst our sales agents.
Ad Space Dimensions Description
Promotional Flyer 8.5"x 11" or less Fully customizable to be distributed by sales agents on sales visits and trade shows


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