Analytics – Insights to Success!

AIC hotel is the leading hotel wholesaler with more than 50 billion annual searches by travel professionals for our hotel supply. AIC hotel deploys a balanced mix of programs through unique channels of distribution to achieve your growth goals. Your success is our success.

Dynamic Reporting

Travel Global Systems (TGS) – Many hotel partners discover that one of the most important factors in working with AIC hotel is our fully-owned, advanced technology resulting in real-time booking and data mining! Know exactly how your ads perform, and show positive ROI to your boss – we know it’s a necessary function of the industry.

By the Numbers

  • Thousands of global clients
  • 22 million+ web page views per month
  • Average 25% increase in room nights per campaign
  • Get 12 times the marketing for your dollar compared to the big OTAs
  • Gain marketing in 13 languages


  • AIC hotel will track results quarterly, or at the end of your selected campaign
  • Increase in Room Nights
  • Increase of Lead Time
  • View & Search Analytics
  • Bookings YOY